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Turnina Rovinj

Ancient fortress Turnina

Turnina, an ancient fortress, situated on the hill Turnina. It is located four kilometers east ofRovinj

St. Toma

St.Toma Curch

The Romanesque church was built in the late 8th or the beginnings of the 9th century...

Hospital beach

Hospital beach

The hospital for orthopedics and rehabilitation "Primarius Dr. Martin Horvat"

Lim chanel or Lim fjord

Lim chanel - Lim fjord

The Lim Chanel or better said bay, emerged as the flooded estuary of the river Pazinčica.

Saline, cape St. Euphemia and the bay Val Faborsa


Saline, cape St. Euphemia and the bay Val Faborsa

Amarin - Monsena

Amarin - Monsena

The beach Monsena is about three km northwards from Rovinj surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation.

Campsite Valdaliso


The beach and campsite Valdaliso is four km northwards from Rovinj.

Island Katarina Rovinj

Island Katarina

The island Katarina is on the south side of the city and 5 minutes away by boat.

Red island (Island of Saint Andrija)

Red island (Island of Saint Andrija)

The Red island is the biggest island in the archipelago of Rovinj.

The Maškin island Rovinj

The Maškin island

The island of Maškin is connected with the Red island by a tight embankment.

The island of Saint Ivan

The island of Saint Ivan

The Saint Ivan island is four km southerly of Rovinj it is 88.737 m2 wide and 1,72 km long.

The island Pulari Rovinj

The island Pulari

The island is located on the southeast from Rovinj vis-a-vis the campsite Polari.

The island Veštar

The island Veštar

The island Veštar is 17.138 m2 width and it's right next of the campsite Veštar.

Beach Cisterna Rovinj

Beach Cisterna

7 km southwards of Rovinj is the bay Cisterna and the same named beach located.

The bay Palud and bay Dagita

The bay Palud and bay Dagita

The two bays seem to be just one big unity with their clean sea.

The campsite Veštar

The campsite Veštar

The bay Veštar is 5 km southeasterly of Rovinj, vis-a-vis the same named island Veštar.

Bay and cape Gustinja

Bay and cape Gustinja

The Gustinja bay is 7 km southwards of Rovinj and northwards of the Rt Gustinja.

Beach Borik Rovinj

Beach Borik

The beach Borik is 3,5 km away from the city center and it's part of the same-named city neighborhood.

Punta Križ (cape cross) Rovinj

Punta križ

This is one of the most beautiful bays on the territory of Rovinj and it's located near the campsite Amarin.

The curch of Saint Ivan

The curch of St. Ivan

On the Saint Ivan island is located the church of Saint Ivan.

The votive curch of St. Euphemia

The votive curch of St. Euphemia (Saline)

In the bay Saline in 1480 a few hundred meters from the sea was the votive church of Saint Euphemia build.

Ornithological park Palud

The Palud swamp

The Palud swamp is near Bale(10 km southwardly of Rovinj).

The hospital tower

The hospital tower

As the sanatorium was being build on the peninsula Saint Pelag they also builded a lookout tower.



Monkodonja the Mikena of Istria is an archeological find from the bronze age.

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Rovinj - The pearl of the Adriatic sea

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