Rovinj - Rovigno

Whoever visited Rovinj will certainly remember the St. Euphemia, on the top of the town, the Batana ships and Bitinade in the port, the warmth of the beaches and the hospitality of the townspeople.

The position of Rovinj
Rovinj history
Development of Rovinj
The tourism in Rovinj

Rovinj, a city of Croatia situated on the western side of the Istrian peninsula. It's the second biggest city of Istria, counting 14.234 citizens(by the last listing of citizens in 2001).

It borders with the county of Bale, Kanfanar, St. Lovreč and Vrsar.

Rovinj is with its rich cultural heritage and natural beauties a top destination for tourists.

Until 1763 was she situated on an island and then they fulfilled the canals and expanded the island, the fulfilled canals are today’s Valdibora square and the main one Maršal Tito square. Saint Euphemia is the towns symbol and protector, situated on the top of the steeple in the old town.

The rugged coastline, the big and smaller bays, the 22 islands. The two biggest island Katarina and the Red island, the incredibly clean sea and the extraordinary vegetation, especially the Punta Corrente which completes the picture of heaven on earth.

On the northern side expands the Lim Fjord, declared as a protected area for it's natural value. And on the southern side there is another protected area-the ornithological park and swamp Palud, the only one in Istria. The geological monument Monfiorenzo is one of the many stone pits in the surroundings of Rovinj, its stone were used for the construction of several famous palaces in Venice, Padova and Ancona.

The town has many scientific and cultural institutions. The Gndusio theater, the center for historical research, the center for marine research, a hospital for orthopedics and rehabilitation, the local history museum, schools...

The city economy is mostly oriented on tourism so there are plenty tourism establishments such as restaurants, bars and hotels.

Many manifestations and happenings take place in the summer-the most famous one is probably the Rovinj night - the celebration Rovinj, known for it's attractive offers and shows.