Lim chanel

Lim chanel or Lim fjord

Lim chanel or Lim fjord

The Lim Chanel or better said bay, emerged as the flooded estuary of the river Pazinčica. It is situated in the middle of Rovinj and Vrsar. Today the Pazinčica is an underground river but at the time she was pouring into the sea. By the rising of the sea level, water penetrated the old riverbed and became Limski Kanalor Limski bay. It has been called even fjord when the movie about vikings "long ships" was filmed there in the 60-es. For the needs of the movie they builded a viking settlement, which then a touristic attraction was, eventually it was got demolished.

The name Lim comes from the Latin word Limes which mean frontier (in Roman times there was the border separating the province of Italy with the Dalmatian one). Today it is simply called Lim Chanel or Lim Fjord.

In the period before the new era it was inhabited by ancient Illyrians.

The cave of Romualdo from the 11 century is located on the south side. By the stories Romualdo was a loner priest who founded the Benedictine monastery of Saint Mihovil which remains can be seen on the above the northern shores of the bay and on the southern part is the church of Saint Euphemia loaded. The cave can be visited with an organized tour.

The bay is 12 km long with depth to 30 m and the widest part is of 600 m.

The bay shore is steep, on the northern side overgrown by conifers rare maquis and on the southern side by hardwood-there was an inversion of vegetation because of the micro climate and because the canal divides two different vegetation areas, Mediterranean and continental flora. The zone has a rich fauna-wild boars, badgers, foxes, deers, hawks and owls, sometimes they can been seen swimming from one waterside to the other.

The other natural phenomena are the cliffs with the caves on the north side of the bay.

The oscillatory waive is a frequent appearance in this area-the difference between ebb and flow can be two meters.

The submarine springs in the bay is very favorable for fish and shellfish farming-bass, bream, Mediterranean blue mussel and oysters.

The Lim Fjord has been declared as a protected zone so any water activities are strictly forbidden. You can enjoy the beauty of the canal by boat, walks around the woods, by staying in restaurants or from the viewpoint set by the main road. The lovers of climbing will find their perfect place on the northern side where the cliffs rise up to 100 meters.