The campsite Veštar

The campsite Veštar

The bay Veštar is 5 km southeasterly of Rovinj, vis-a-vis the same named island Veštar, it's the ideal place for a family vacation or a vacation with friends.

They believe that Veštar the forerunner of Rovinj is , in the 5th and 6th century here was the largest settlement in this area.
The archeological remains of an antique villa with a fifty meter long dock are still being investigated. Many ceramic remains were found, a vase from the 17 century and a Saint bronze medal.

The coast is covered by Mediterranean macchia which gains it's full colors and smell in the summer.

The diversity of the beaches is a particular characteristic of the bay-so just everyone will find his place for relaxing and pleasure. In the middle of the bay the beach is of fine gravel and the sea ground is sandy. The rocky coast on the northern part is reserved for nudists, the southern part is rocky with smaller bays.

The campsite Veštar won the Blue Flag award for it's crystal clear sea and attractive beaches.

In the bay is a modern equipped campsite with restaurants, shops, sports facilities and a dock with rental piers for boats.